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"If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, I respectfully request that my steward be present at the meeting. Without representation present, I choose not to respond to any questions or statements."

Never forget your Union Rights on the job:"Weingarten Rights"

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If you are struggling with any type of personal issues or health conditions, and you are in need for help, AAFES has a program, totally confidential, designed to help you. Learn more...  

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Weingarten Rights and are based on a 1975 Supreme Court decision (NLRB v. J. Weingarten).

Under the Supreme Court’s Weingarten decision, when an investigatory interview occurs, the following rules apply:

RULE 1: You have the right to have a union steward or union representative present, and you have the right to speak privately with your representative before the meeting and during the meeting. Your steward has the right to play an active role in the meeting and is not just a witness.
You must make a clear request for union representation before or during the interview; management is not obligated to inform you of your right to representation.

If your manager refuses to allow you to bring a representative, do not refuse to attend the meeting, but do not answer any questions either. Take notes. Once the meeting is over call your representative at once.

RULE 2: After you make the request, your supervisor or manager can do one of three things: 

RULE 3: If your request for union representation is denied and your manager/supervisor continues to ask you questions, he or she is committing an unfair labor practice and you have a right to refuse to answer. Your manager or supervisor may not discipline you for such a refusal.

Employee Assistance Program

If you are struggling with any type of personal issues or health conditions, and you are in need for help, AAFES has a program, totally confidential, designed to help you. 

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