A framework to develop smart services and successfully approach servitization and digitization

Today any machine can be digitized and connected; collecting the data is not an issue; what is becoming more important is how the field data can be exploited to identify the right action to be taken.

This creates a very complex problem, as the right data must be transformed so that only the right information, at the right time, in the right form can be delivered to the right decision-maker, independently of the problem domain - e.g. route cause analysis, demand forecasting, productivity optimisation, spare parts delivery.

Helping people taking decisions can be seen as a smart service, that is designed on the base of a thoroughly understanding of the business complexity. Ecosystems made of people and equipment, business objectives and strategies, as well as personal needs, attitudes and preferences (must-have’s, nice-to-have’s) of each operators. Once these needs are fully understood, information can be elaborated from data to create the right insights.

The Data2Action framework provides guidance towards the development of data-driven services.

The understanding of why and how customers interact with assets is achieved using Design Thinking approach.