How can I join the Cords?

Auditions for the Cords, along with all the other a cappella groups on campus, are traditionally held at the end of Week 1 of Fall Term. Keep an eye out on your blitz inbox for an email from us, and make sure to sign up for an audition slot!

Auditions are a two-round process. The first round consists of each auditionee doing pitch-matching, scales, and singing a short solo for each of the groups they are auditioning for. During the second round, callbacks, each group will call back a certain number of auditionees. Auditionees can be called back by multiple groups. Each auditionee will have the choice to attend the callback of their top choice group. After the callback round, the specifics of which varies depending on the group, each group will deliberate and decide which auditionees will become the newest members of Dartmouth a cappella!

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out!

Why the Cords?