About Us

Founded in 1996, the Cords have been making music, winning hearts, and wearing corduroy for the last quarter-century. (Arguably) the most handsome a cappella group on campus (and undoubtedly the most rugged), the Cords recruit members from every corner of Dartmouth: our members study everything from Government to Computer Science to Music, and are involved in everything from competing as a Division I varsity athlete to starring in the mainstage theater production at the Hopkins Center for the Arts.

The Cords, more than just a group that makes music together, are a group of friends who makes music together. On our annual winter tours, we travel across the country and the world, from New York City to Seoul, bringing joy and spending time with some of our best friends in the world.

We arrange all our own music and design all of our own choreography, and released our most recent album, On the Fly, in 2021. Our repertoire includes everything from modern pop hits to country classics to Dartmouth traditionals. 

Interested in joining the Cords or booking us for a show? Contact us today!