Selected Publications

Why Are There So Few Women in Physics?

This short article is based on interviews with two students undergraduate women. One student, a chemistry major, had low self-efficacy when it came to physics. The other, a physics major, had experienced stereotype threat and isolation in her physics classes. We conclude with some implications for teaching that could help to counterbalance the negative experiences reported by these two women.

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Hermione and the Secretary

Through interviews with students in introductory physics labs, I identify two modes of gendered task division (Secretary-Tinkerer and Hermione-Slacker), describe how this may disadvantage women in physics labs, and propose a framework for understanding how psycho-social distance between two students can cause or exacerbate gendered task division.

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All Aboard! Professional Development for Lab TAs

This short paper presents evidence that professional development for graduate student lab TAs can be effective in improving their views about learning, delivering instruction, and improving student attitudes

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What's Happening in Traditional and Inquiry-Based Introductory Labs?

This short paper reports on ethnographic observations and E-CLASS attitudinal survey results from introductory lab courses.

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Cultural Border Crossing Applied to the Physics Classroom

Cultural "border-crossing" theory in education suggests that the borders students cross between their home culture and school cultures can play a large role in their success in the later. I had students complete matched tests at school (as a paper quiz) and at home (as a Buzzfeed-style quiz, with family). The students divided neatly into the categories proposed by border-crossing theory. A follow-up simulation suggested that a student's border-crossing can provide a 17 percentage point boost (or decrease) to their scores on school-style assessments.

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