Research Talks

  • "Physics Education Research, Equity, and Teaching High School" at AAPT High School Physics Teacher Camp, 2021

  • "Roles in Collaborative Introductory Lab Activities" at AAPT Summer 2021

  • UC Santa Cruz "No Jargon Talk" Apr 2021

  • Colloquia in Spring 2021 at several universities

  • "How can Physics Education Research Improve Equity in Physics?" at Rutgers SSPAR Spring 2021

  • "Remote Collaborative Labs" at WPA-AAPT Fall 2020

  • "What Makes a Good Lab Partner?" and "Making Lab TA Professional Development Work" at AAPT Summer 2020

  • “Preparing and Observing Lab Instruction” at dB-SERC in June 2019 and Jan 2020

  • “Six Approaches to Equitable Groupwork in Labs” at WPA-AAPT Fall 2019

  • “Training TAs for Physics Labs” at AAPT Summer 2019 and 2020, PERC 2019 (poster), and Pitt Grad Expo 2019 (poster, award)

  • “Hermione and the Secretary” at AAPT in Summer 2019 (poster)

  • “Transforming Introductory Labs” at WPA-AAPT in Spring 2019

  • “What’s Happening in Introductory Labs?” at AAPT in Summer 2018

  • "Science Education: We're Doing in Wrong" at TEDxRiga in 2016

  • "Crossing Cultural Barriers" at AAPT 2016


  • "Talking about equity in physics with the Underrepresentation Curriculum" at Cal Poly SLO Apr 2021

  • "Teaching Physics towards Social Justice" at AAPT 2019-2021

  • "How to Succeed in STEM" for students in the Swanson School of Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh (2018- 2020)

  • dB-SERC undergraduate (fall and spring) and graduate (fall only) student TA workshops 2018-2020

  • "'Can We Have a Group Test?' Designing Collaborative, Active, Alternative Assessments for Physics Classes" (with Kelly O'Shea) at AAPT 2017, 2018

  • "IBDP Physics: Labwork and Modeling" at AAPT 2015

  • IB Category 1, 2, 3 Physics workshops with InThinking, 2015-2017

I am happy to give talks about my work. However, unless you want to hear about specific elements of my research, or you are inviting me to be part of a session/series that includes women, people of colour, and people with disabilities, I may decline a talk invitation and propose alternative speakers.