Beyond Academia

Legal Experience and Expertise

Summary of Legal Background

As reflected in my curriculum vitae, I hold a Master of Laws in International Criminal Law and Justice, a Juris Doctor with a concentration in “trial and appellate advocacy,” and a Master of Science in Criminal Justice. This education has afforded me the opportunity to work, learn, and hone my legal expertise through work with private equity risk management firms, lobbying organizations, the Massachusetts Public Defender’s Office, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, the Rhode Island Supreme Court, and the United States Coast Guard Judge Advocate General. While I do not practice, I bring my experiences into both the classroom and my research on a daily basis.

Current Legal Project

I presently sit on the Board of Directors and serve as the Director of Academic Programs for Subscript, a non-for-profit legal platform that brings together individuals who want to increase access to legal education and legal knowledge. Designed to put the law into a "common context," Subscript has three primary goals: (1) map current events with infographics, (2) compile a free, comprehensive, lay-person accessible database of federal statutory and case law, and (3) provide the lay-person with information about legal procedures and structures.

To further the mission of Subscript and to provide my students with a creative way to serve their community while learning how to "think like a lawyer," I developed the Access to Justice Internship Program at both the University of Alabama and Elmira College. Specifically, the program consists of three substantive parts:

  1. Workshops with an Elmira College professor introducing students to legal research, legal reasoning, and legal writing.
  2. Optional, fun, stress-free seminars introducing students to the topics of: Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Torts, Property Law, Contracts, Family Law, Civil Procedure, Evidence, Criminal Procedure, etc.
  3. Meaningful, substantive work in which interns will practice the legal research, reasoning, and writing skills learned in the seminar to research statutory, case, and administrative law to generate public-friendly content summaries and analysis for publication on

This program aims not only to build the interns' resumes in anticipation of law school and graduate school applications and to give them an advantage in first-year cut throat environments, but also to increase access to justice for Americans. Student publications will be dispersed to members of the public who are disconnected from legal resources, creating a network of legal knowledge sharing.