Quick Reference

Skill Checks

Acrobatics (Dex; ACP)

Bluff (Cha)

Climb (Str; ACP)

Diplomacy (Cha)

Disable Device (Dex; ACP; Trained)

Disguise (Cha)

Escape Artist (Dex; ACP)

Fly (Dex; ACP)

Handle Animal (Cha; Trained)

Heal (Wis)

Knowledge (Int; Trained)

Linguistics (Int; Trained)

Perception (Wis)

Ride (Dex; ACP)

Spellcraft (Int; Trained)

Survival (Wis)

Swim (Str; ACP)

Use Magic Device (Cha; Trained)

Attack Roll Modifiers

Armor Class Modifiers

Size Bonuses and Penalties

Combat Maneuver Summary

Grapple Guide

Equipment Hardness and Hitpoints

Substance Hardness and Hit Points

Common Object Hardness and Hit Points

DCs to Break or Burst Items

Concentration Check DCs

Underwater Combat

Splash Weapons

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