Introduction to this Exploration

Your Career Exploration Journey into Cybersecurity

Before beginning your Career Explorations: Cybersecurity journey, please complete the Pre-Survey provided below. This Experience was created to introduce you to the field of cybersecurity, the fastest growing technology industry, and provide you an opportunity to interact with actual people who have cybersecurity jobs. Your voice is critical as we learn FROM YOU about this experience. The data we collect from this Pre-Survey and the Post-Survey we will invite you to take when you are done will help us update this experience and create new experiences for other career paths. Thank you for taking this survey, it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to complete.

Pre-course Opportunity: Nth Generation Cyber Symposium

If the timing of the use of this curriculum allows, you might plan to attend the Nth Generation Cyber Symposium which is held every October in Anaheim, CA.

Week 1: What is Cybersecurity?

Learn about Cybersecurity through the NOVA Labs website.

USS Midway Experience

Week 2: The History of Communication Security and USS Midway Experience

Lesson 1: Close Reading Assignment: "The History of Military Use of Signal Security"

Lesson 2: Navajo Code Talkers. Watch a variety of videos to learn about the Navajo Code Talkers.

Lesson 3: United States Intelligence Community. Play online code breaking games on the CIA website. Explore Intelligence Career Opportunities for Students.

Lesson 4: Reflection: Create a Venn diagram using Google Drawing that synthesizes what you have learned about the history of communication security and the current field of cybersecurity.

Field Study: USS Midway Experience: Visit the USS Midway and interact with Communication Security Specialists who once served on the Midway.

Flipgrid logo

Week 3: Looking into the Future

Lesson 1: How much money do you need to live the lifestyle you want?

Reflection: Flipgrid video reflection

Lesson 2: Inform Journeys Interest Inventory Survey

Week 4: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Lesson 1: Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to succeed in cybersecurity.

Lesson 2: Read about the knowledge, skills and abilities you will need for a cybersecurity career.

Lesson 3: INFORMJourneys: Map your Cybersecurity Career Journey

Lesson 4: Reflection using Google Slides.

Week 5: Meet & Learn from Cybersecurity Experts

Lesson 1: StaySafeOnline, learn how cybercriminals gain access

Lesson 2: Meet with a Cybersecurity Professional in a face-to-face classroom meeting, and/or

Lesson 3: Nepris: Virtual Meeting with Cyber Experts

Week 6: Culminating Project

Lesson 1: Create an infographic which synthesizes your learning about Cybersecurity.

Lesson 2: Present infographic to a panel of cybersecurity professionals using Nepris.