Videos & Video Links

This page of our site features videos from members of our group, or of our past meetings. If you are looking for other great programs, please visit the website for C-Span3, the American Battlefield Trust or various museums.

For over 10 years, most of our meetings were broadcasted on Epping Community TV. Many more recent programs can be viewed on their website at this image below.

from 2016 at our 25th Anniversary meeting. New Hampshire's own "The Hardtacks" performed Civil War era music (video by Don Streeter)

Liz Hallett & Aileen Kelly - Civil War Women's Clothing

Langley Library, Groveland, MA - 2016

from the Frederick County Civil War Roundtable (Maryland), November 2020 - Bill Hallett talks about the Pratt Street Riot

CWRT of NH member Mike Schroeder spoke at the Berwick (Maine) Library on "Rebels in Portmad Harbor"

From Duane Shaffer, co-founder of the CWRTNH, now at Sanibel Public Library, Sanibel, Florida. Duane provided three talks on each day of the Battle of Gettysburg. Here's Day 1.

Here's Duane's talk on Day 2 of Gettysburg from the Sanibel Library.

Day 3 of Gettysburg by Duane Shaffer.