Cue Sports is a fast-growing snooker and pool club operated by the Evergreen Club at the Florence Filberg Centre, in the City of Courtenay BC. Our club has 80+ active members while the Evergreen Club itself, has close to 2000 members, aged 55 years and over. The Evergreen Club is a program of the Courtenay Recreational Association (CRA) which is our parent non-profit organization.

To join the Cue Sports Club, one must be a current member of the Evergreen Club. No additional membership is required to use the Pool Room. A small fee is collected through a meter while actively playing on one of our tables.

We have two full size snooker tables (6 foot by 12 foot) plus one (4 foot by 9 foot) table that is used for 8 ball and 9 ball games. Cue Sports also has a wide selection of accessories that includes cues, bridges or rests, chalk, scoreboards and numerous chairs and stools.

Other than during league play and the occasional tournament, all three tables operate on the ‘next up’ principle which shortens waiting times and keeps all of members active.

The Pool Room is normally open every day of the week from 7 am to 9 pm and changes to our operating hours for the coming week are posted on our website and Pool Room bulletin board.

Cue Sports has both male and female active members and we encourage you to drop in to our Pool Room, chat with our members and enjoy a couple of ‘just visiting’ games of pool.