John Norris

"Assessment literacy for college language and humanities educators: Getting from ‘why’ to ‘how’"

John Norris is Principal Research Scientist and Senior Research Director in the Center for English Language Learning and Assessment at Educational Testing Service, where he manages research on English language teaching, learning, and assessment. Prior to joining ETS, he was a professor at Georgetown University, where he was founding director of the Assessment and Evaluation Language Resource Center. He also worked as a professor at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, and as an assessment specialist at Northern Arizona University. John’s teaching and research focus on language education (task-based language teaching, in particular), assessment, program evaluation, and research methods. He has published widely on foreign language education in the United States, including recent books on “Innovation and accountability in foreign language program evaluation”, “Student learning outcomes assessment in college foreign language programs”, and “Developing C-Tests for estimating proficiency in foreign language research”. John speaks and conducts research on German, Portuguese, and Spanish, and he is currently working on acquiring Japanese.