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AAPT Book Chapter (Feb 1)

Effective Practices in Preservice Physics Teacher Education: Recruitment, Retention, and Preparation. (Book Chapter)

The Physics Teacher Education Coalition, the American Physical Society, and the American Association of Physics Teachers announce a call for manuscript proposals for a new peer-reviewed book entitled Effective Practices in Preservice Physics Teacher Education: Recruitment, Retention, and Preparation.

Co-edited by Dr. Eric Brewe and Dr. Cody Sandifer, this book seeks to provide a practical guide to innovative, state-of-the-art programs, and will include papers in the following areas: Recruitment and Retention; Early Teaching Experiences; Preparation in Physics Knowledge, Scientific Practices, and Physics Teaching; The Collaborative Nature of Teacher Preparation; Mentoring and Community-Building; and Case Studies of Successful Preservice Teacher Education Programs.

Manuscript proposals are due February 1, 2013. Full manuscripts will be due in September 2013, and book publication is scheduled for 2015.

For more information, the book editors can be contacted at EffectivePracticesBook@aps.org. The full call for manuscript proposals can found at: http://www.ptec.org/effectivepracticesbook.

-------- Dr. Cody Sandifer Associate Professor of Science Education Department of Physics, Astronomy & Geosciences Towson University Towson, MD 21252. Office phone: 410-704-4989 email: csandifer@towson.edu

Science Scope - April 1

Aligning Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment with NGSS/Framework—September 2013

Submission Deadline: April 1 2012


NSTA - January 13

• Portland Area Conference (October 24–26, 2013)

Charlotte Area Conference (November 7–9, 2013)

Denver Area Conference (December 12–14, 2013)

Boston National Conference (April 3–6, 2014)

Deadlines for submissions are January 15, 2013, for the 2013 area conferences, and April 15, 2013, for the Boston National Conference.

Please e-mail conferences@nsta.org.

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Just in time for Summer!

Science Activities has an open

Call for Papers

Science Activities: Classroom Projects and Curriculum Ideaspublishes innovative manuscripts that will provide teachers and educators with the best classroom-tested projects, experiments, and curriculum ideas, in particular with those which promote science inquiry and integration among students. Journal editors encourage submissions that integrate science throughout all disciplines, including but not limited to English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Performance/Visual Arts, as well as English Language Learners and Special Education.

Submission Guidelines: Content should be grade appropriate, innovative, grounded in real science, classroom tested, and if applicable, original source of activity shall be cited. Manuscript shall relate to the Next Generation Science Standards and the four core areas as well as any appropriate state standards. If applicable the author(s) shall make connections to the Common Core Standards. The activity shall be linked to a theoretical framework. Classroom setup and timeframes for doing the project ought to be specified, and sources must be adequately referenced as well as up-to-date. Authors should address teachers, not students, and may wish to consider structuring their submissions in accordance with the following:

    • Abstract with Keywords to categorize manuscript,

    • Introduction and Background with a brief theoretical framework and a central driving question,

    • Materials list to allow replication,

    • Procedure,

    • Observations and Discussion including any examples of student work,

    • Conclusions and/or implications for teaching,

    • Extensions and Cross-Curricular Applications, and

    • References and resources.

Manuscript Submissions

Please visit the journal's webpage for more information and complete submission guidelines at: www.tandfonline.com/VSCA

Electronic submissions should be sent to the journal’s ScholarOne website at: http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/sa

Any questions or concerns can be sent directly to the journal’s editor at:

Robert W. Blake, Jr., Ph.D., Executive Editor


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