Online Science Learning Virtual Palooza

Thanks to everyone who participated in the virtual science learning palooza. We had great talks and lots of useful information. See below for the links


Welcome to the first ever Online Science Learning Virtual Palooza (OSLVP) to be held Saturday April 4th online (of course) presented by the CSUN Science Learning Collaborative. The goal of the OSLVP is to present science teaching activities and strategies that can work during Pandemic 2020. Its unfortunate that we had to cancel the NGSS Palooza this year, but we are undaunted.

This is not your district's PD! Go to

Presentations will be quick and to the point, giving suggestions tips and tech resources that you can put to use with your students right away. The rapid fire presentation is designed to get you the most info in the shortest time from the best people.

When: April 4, 9am-noon

How: Via Zoom

Who: All science teachers are welcome, and even friends of science teachers

Exit Survey: Click here.

Tentative Schedule


1. Nobody signed up for this.

    • Not for the sickness, not for the social distancing, not for the sudden end of our collective lives together on campus

    • Not for an online class, not for teaching remotely, not for learning from home, not for mastering new technologies, not for varied access to learning materials

2. The humane option is the best option.

    • We are going to prioritize supporting each other as humans

    • We are going to prioritize simple solutions that make sense for the most

3. We cannot just do the same thing online.

    • Some assignments are no longer possible

    • Some expectations are no longer reasonable

    • Some objectives are no longer valuable

4. We will foster intellectual nourishment, social connection, and personal accommodation.

    • Accessible asynchronous content for diverse access, time zones, and contexts

    • Optional synchronous discussion to learn together and combat isolation

5. We will remain flexible and adjust to the situation.

    • Nobody knows where this is going and what we’ll need to adapt

    • Everybody needs support and understanding in this unprecedented moment

* from Brandon Bayne (@brandonbayne), associate professor of Religious Studies at UNC - Chapel Hill