Back To School 2020

Here are the recorded sessions for the Aug 8 2020 workshops:

Get Place-Based: Use Student's Interests and Found Objects to do Real Science at any Location (no recording available)

Kurt Holland

This fun session will model 2-3 activities that will be usable on day one, even as they lay a robust equitable SEL foundation for deeper inquiry over time. A special emphasis is placed upon using science to launch significant language learning as participants make sense of the world using the SEPs.

Doing hands-on (physical) science inquiry @ home

Jeannie Chipps

This session will present ideas for physical science inquiry labs that can be completed during remote learning. We will discuss modifications to traditional labs for distance learning.

Pear deck link/google slides

Analyzing data from science simulations

Brian Foley

Doing hands-on (life) science inquiry @ home

Sara Wilson

This session will look at science and engineering practices with a focus on hands-on science in the distance learning environment. We will be taking the labs we traditionally do in class and looking for ways to convert them to more inquiry based hands-on learning for students at home.

Online teaching and formative assessment tools

Gini Vandergon

Come learn about ways to use online tools and to monitor student progress and provide feedback using online formative assessment. We will experience these tools and discuss how to keep students engaged in class.

Motivational techniques for encouraging online participation for students & parents

Li Ye

Teachers might notice that something (e.g. not coming to class, low engagement in class, not completing the homework) is not on track with your students, especially with online learning. This workshop will utilize the case-study approach and introduce how to use principles from science education research to avoid common pitfalls when crafting motivational messages for students and parents.