Data Collection Projects

New to CSA Teacher?

Consider applying to participate in our research project to receive FREE PD and stipends ($750)

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Volunteer for our program evaluation project to help us improve the CSAwesome experience

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CSAwesome Research Project

New to CSA Teachers | Apply to receive FREE CSAwesome Professional Development and stipends

Are you a teacher transitioning from teaching AP CSP to AP CSA? Will you be teaching AP CS A for the first time in the next academic year? Are you new to Java programming?

We have scholarships available for you to attend our PD for FREE, in exchange for participating in our research project. See here or contact for more information.

We have a National Science Foundation Research Practitioner Partnership (RPP) grant for 2021-2022 and are studying new to CSA teachers and students and their transition from CSP to CSA. For eligibility information and to apply, please visit our Scholarships page. Accepted teachers who are new to CSA and complete the research requirements below will receive free professional development and be given a stipend(s) of $750.00.

Research Project Overview

Teachers participating in the research project will complete the following tasks:

  • Complete a pre-PD survey

  • Complete the PD

  • Complete a post-PD survey

  • Make a copy of the course and have your students enroll in it and use the CSAwesome curriculum and lesson plans.

  • Have your students take the pre-survey, pre-test, and post-test built into the curriculum

  • Collect research consent forms from your students

  • Complete a post-course survey

  • Have your students complete a post-course survey

  • If sampled, teachers will have opportunity to participate in interview(s) throughout the academic year. In addition to the PD stipend, teachers will be given a $50.00 stipend for each interview they participate in.

CSAwesome Program Evaluation Project

Teachers currently implementing CSAwesome | Volunteer to Submit Academic Year Data

The CSAwesome project conducts ongoing program evaluation to better understand how we can improve our curriculum while making CSAwesome accessible to all. All teachers implementing the CSAwesome curriculum are eligible to volunteer. Those who volunteer to participate in the program evaluation project will collect and submit student academic year data. There is no stipend or compensation for participation.

Volunteer to Submit Program Evaluation Data

Let our research team know you'd like to volunteer for program evaluation by emailing