AP CSA (Java) Curriculum

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What is CSAwesome?

CSAwesome (course.csawesome.org) is a College board endorsed curriculum for AP CSA in Java. The course emphasizes both object-oriented and imperative problem solving and design using Java, a text-based language. The AP CSA course is compatible with many CS1 courses at colleges and universities. 

CSAwesome provides a free curriculum and e-book on Runestone, as well as lesson plans, teacher resources, and  professional development opportunities.  CSAwesome is an official College Board endorsed curriculum and professional development provider for AP CSA.

CSAwesome Curriculum and Teacher Resources

Interested in teaching CSAwesome?

To get access to educator-only materials for CSAwesome, you must request access to the Google Group/Forum. Follow the steps below. 

Teacher Resources Access 

Having Trouble? Try switching accounts to ensure you are logged in using the account that is approved. You can also try using the direct link to the CSAwesome Drive (below).

Changing Emails: Some educators find that there are conflicts with using your school email. If you need to switch emails, you can email us at info@csawesome.org from your school account and provide us with a personal Gmail address.

Reducing Emails: This is an involved group of teachers who are passionate about teaching CSA and eager to help each other out. If you want to change the number of emails you receive, you can adjust your settings by visiting the forum web page and then clicking My Settings (person+gear icon in the upper right of the screen). If you leave the group, you will lose access to the materials, however, you can switch the settings so that you don't receive emails. 

CSAwesome Professional Development

Which CSAwesome PD is right for you? 

CSAwesome PD is offered in various lengths and can be completed online or hybrid depending on your experience with Java and AP CSA. 

Along with the formal professional development, participants receive ongoing support from a PD facilitator that is experienced with teaching CSAwesome throughout the academic year.