AP CSA (Java) Curriculum

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CSAwesome (course.csawesome.org) is a College Board AP Computer Science A curriculum to teach Java programming.  The free curriculum follows the 2019 College Board AP CSA units and learning objectives.  CSAwesome is an official College Board endorsed curriculum and professional development provider for AP CSA starting in the 2020-2021 academic year. The curriculum is based on Barb Ericson's Java Review course on Runestone Academy. 

If you would like to adopt this curriculum, we invite teachers to join the Teaching-CSAwesome Google group. This is a discussion forum for teachers who are using the CSAwesome curriculum. It also gives you access to lesson plans (under Teacher Lesson Plans in the navigation bar) that are only for verified educators.  This site is also used to share the curriculum and supporting teacher materials. You can create a copy of the course to have access to an instructor dashboard (tutorial links).

Learn more about CSAwesome below (slides):