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Cosmic Blueprint

Journey into Vedic Astrology for Guidance and Insight 

with Crystal Dawn Rios

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As a Jyotishi, I help folx see how they are connected to the whole...

How we are essentially imprinted by the pattern of stars and planets when we were born... Our core nature... The reason behind our births.

I love being able to talk with people about their storehouse of gifts and talents, their career paths, their relationships and their money lives

Vedic Astrology is NOT about being at the affect of the planets and stars. It is about co-participating with your life's path, your dharma. It is about creating a conscious relationship with yourself and others.

Astrology is a way to look at the myths of the constellations and take those lessons and apply them to your own life.

Become the observer of the spark that animates your existence.

Allow the healing light of Jyotisha to bring you a sense of wholeness and delight with the divine.

Awaken to your own insight. Enlighten your perspective.