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I found my way to Jyotisha through yoga. Through studying sanskrit. 

My love of the healing arts started when I was 18 and a friend asked me if I ever questioned anything? 

If I have ever heard about the 7 chakras, thought about synchronicity... 

Something awakened in me that sparked my journey on this path.

If you are a seeker... 

if you want clarity in your life... 

if you are going through a change or wondering what is up with the stars, book a reading with me. 

I will look at your chart and see what the patterns of the planets and stars during your birth can say about your life.

List of Services

A natal chart reading, also known as a birth chart reading, focuses on interpreting the positions of planets at the time of an individual's birth. 

It provides insights into one's personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, life purpose, relationships, career potential, and more. 

Natal chart readings offer a comprehensive understanding of an individual's unique cosmic blueprint.

Relationship Compatilibility Reading

Relationship compatibility readings analyze the astrological compatibility between two individuals.

 By examining the natal charts of both individuals and comparing the planetary positions, aspects, and synastry (how their charts interact), astrologers can assess the strengths, challenges, and dynamics of their relationship. 

This type of reading helps individuals understand the potential compatibility and areas of harmony or conflict in their partnerships.

Predictive Reading

Predictive astrology readings focus on forecasting future events and trends in an individual's life.

This type of reading uses various predictive techniques, such as transits (current planetary positions in relation to the natal chart), progressions (advancement of the natal chart over time), and dasha systems (planetary periods of influence). 

Predictive readings can provide insights into upcoming opportunities, challenges, career shifts, relationship changes, and other significant life developments.