Crystal Dawn

Creator of Conscious Loving Lab

I love to play in the field of collaboration and connection. I am committed to practicing and sharing simple body intelligence tools to help my clients and students align with what is. 

By teaching bodywork, anatomy, yoga, meditation, and by offering the healing light of Jyotisha (Vedic Astrology), I invite folx to see how they are connected to the whole. 

With my training as  Big Leap Coach with the Hendricks Institute and the Foundation for Conscious Living, I weave my relationship coaching practices with the healing light of Jyotisha to give you the sense that you can align with what is.

As a member of the Restoring Resourcefulness faculty, I am committed to sharing simple and powerful ways of befriending and releasing fear so that we can connect deeply with ourselves and others while favoring creative collaboration rather than conflict and adrenaline.

As program director of the Bodywork and Healing Arts program at Panacea Holistic Institute, I share my love for anatomy. Some of my greatest joys are teaching people how to breathe, how to stretch all the way out to their edges through yoga and yoga teacher trainings, and how to increase their authenticity and aliveness through cosmic coaching.


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