Cristi Anne Wilson, LCSW

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Psychotherapy in Montrose, Colorado for Children, Parents, & Educators



Vicarious Trauma

Behavior & Emotional Problems 

Extensive training and experience:

EMDR (certified)

Play Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Trauma-Focused 

Solution Focused Therapy

Kids with behavior struggles and big emotions can be hard to parent. 

For parents it can be so overwhelming, scary, and lonely!  It's common to feel out of your depth and incompetent. 

I help kids like yours learn and implement new skills, process scary and stressful events, and prepare for future success. 

As I become clear about what truly helps your child, I support you as a parent in implementing these skills, so your child's change lasts long after they graduate from therapy.

Adults have needs too!

You have been working so hard using self-help, other forms of therapy, holistic therapies and you have come so far, but you still feel stuck.  You are really ready to face and let go of the trauma that holds you back from being fully happy and fully yourself.  I help adults like you prepare and move through trauma of significant events and neglect.  

These are the kinds of comments I receive from adults like you:

"I feel like there is more room in me for ME." 

"The hole I felt in my chest my whole life, is no longer empty."

"I actually like myself, now."

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