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>Your one-stop website to learn about all the climate and sustainability groups working in our area;  The Climate Portal of the Capital Region.  

> CRICCC has initiated a campaign to encourage local supermarkets to transition to the newest refrigerants for their coolers.   If you would like to help in our campaign by taking pictures of refrigerator labels in area supermarkets, email us at cricccalbany@gmail.com.  Results are being compiled HERE, along with directions on photo-taking.  Also, here is a link to Michael Helm's informative Presentation on Refrigerants and his Useful Links on Refrigerants.

>Attention Troy Residents and others!  Save the historic Mohican forest in Troy from development.  Here's a link to the article with links to the petition and the website.  

>Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA) and Climate Action Council (CAC) Toolkit to take action from NYRenews.

> Sign a petition to divest the NY Teacher's retirement fund from climate-destroying fossil fuels. 

>According to Project Drawdown, HFCs currently used as refrigerants are one of the top contributors to Climate Change.  Sign this petition to urge Walmart to replace them with next-generation refrigerants sooner than by 2040.

>Tell President Biden to declare a national climate emergency by signing this petition.

>Stop invasive pests from destroying trees in our neighborhoods and forests by signing this petition. 

>Join NY Youth Climate Leaders to call on the NYS legislature and Governor Cuomo to identify and eliminate all nonessential fossil fuel subsidies; sign the Petition.

>Sign on to support the DNC Environmental and Climate Crisis Council's Recommendations on the climate crisis and other environmental issues.  If adopted they will be included in the new four-year Democratic Party 2020 Platform, which will be approved at the August Convention.  Review the document and sign to support it at:  https://www.dncclimate.org/endorsements.

>Sign a petition to the Governor and the Public Service Commission to reject all all fracked gas pipeline construction in NYS. 

>Tell the Council on Environmental Quality to stop the rollback of the National Environmental Policy Act.  Sign the petition from Interfaith Power and Light.

>Interfaith Power and Light urges us to tell your senators to support the Clean Economy Act, which sets the U.S. on a path to net zero climate pollution no later than 2050, Link.

>Sign a Petition to Stop the Albany Loop (E37) Pipeline; Link for organizations and link for individuals.

>New York needs to move off fossil fuels as fast as possible.  The Danskammer would be a massive 550 MW fracked gas plant posing huge risks to the air and water of the local community and worsening our climate crisis by burning dirty fossil fuels around the clock.  Sign the petition.

>Green Drinks in Albany are environmentally-based meet-up groups to connect, learn, and advocate for our shared future, Facebook

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