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> If you missed the May 1, 2023 presentation about the Inflation Reduction Act benefits with Paul Tonko, the PDF of the presentation is HERE.

>CRICCC Presentation on 7/13/22 Zoom: Help for Congregations to Go Green with Rev. Peter Cook.

>Presentation on How to start an EcoTeam in your church from 11/15/21 CRICCC meeting.

>Watch the webinar on Plastic's Impact on Human Health from Beyond Plastics.

>The Capital Area Climate Network (CACN) listserv:


                    The CACN is a network of climate activists that share information about local climate actions and campaigns.  They often come together to work on an event or action.  In 2023 they helped to bring hundreds of Capital Area and Hudson Valley activists to the March to End Fossil Fuels. You can join one of the many local groups working on climate action.  Check out their web page for a list of some of the local organizations.  If you would like to join the Capital Area Climate Network listserv contact Ruth Foster at 

>New York has an aggressive plan to help us shift from fossil fuels.  Programs are available for tenants and homeowners alike.  Members of the Capital Region Clean Energy Hub can help you find the program that’s right for you in Solar, Energy Efficiency, and Heat Pumps.  

>The Laudato Si Action Platform is a Vatican worldwide website, with a US-specific website sponsored by the Catholic Climate Covenant.  You can also check out the program summary HERE.

>From NY Renews:  Very useful  Hurricane and Blackout Guide to download. 

>Beyond Plastics released a groundbreaking new report: The New Coal: Plastics & Climate Change. It is available online with appendices and an interactive spreadsheet and map at: report shows how the plastics industry’s greenhouse gas emissions are on track to exceed that of coal-fired power in the U.S. by 2030.

>Learn about the global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution from the Break Free From Plastic Organization.

> To commemorate Earth Day, let’s support the Buy Local, Grow Local website from the People of Albany United for Safe Energy (PAUSE).  

          The idea is to support local business, lessen greenhouse gases by reduced shipping, decrease the waste in landfills, and, in light of the pandemic, make the Albany area more resilient to food shortages.  This is your go-to site to find sustainable or socially responsible local businesses, and all you need to know to support local agriculture, including in your back yard. 

>Do you want speakers about the Climate crisis to come to your church or group? 

          Speakers from Capital Climate Conversations are concerned volunteers trained by climate experts to present fact-based information on the causes, impacts, and solutions regarding our growing climate crisis. Most presentations can be done via Zoom as well as in person (when safe) and are available free of charge to interested groups of all sizes.  Presentations can be tailored to the needs and backgrounds of different groups.  Read the Brochure.

>Clearing the Air in Coeymans: Community Forum on Clean Air vs. Tire Burning , broadcast on 2/9/21, via Zoom, From the Sanctuary for Independent Media.  If you missed this, see the Video.  Another video is available from Albany Alert Films.

>Two U.S. bishops and a former Vatican ambassador were among those who lent their support for a price on carbon emissions during a Catholic-focused conference. Read the Report from EarthBeat.

>Amanda Gorman's inspiring poem on YouTube, Earth Rise.

>Annual spring tree and shrub seedling sale by NYS DEC Saratoga Nursery.  

          Obtain local NY-grown seedings at a low cost and start planting for this Spring. 

>Eight Lessons from COVID-19 to Guide Our Climate Response.

> Here are several links to ideas for solving the Plastic problem: 

From the Department of Energy, from the Minderoo Foundation, from PBS, and from the Berkeley Laboratory.

>Learn about heat pumps!

           HeatSmart Capital Region is a grassroots community initiative that supports residents and businesses in exploring ways to improve how they heat and cool their buildings.

>New website!

          For quick and easy access to information about climate groups in the Capital District, go to the Capital Region Climate Portal.

>From the New York Times, watch a video showing the connection between pandemics and ecological destruction.

>New York State Association for Reduction, Reuse and Recycling (Re-clothe NY) has a wealth of useful information about clothing, including Textile recovery locations.

 >Want to know what clothes to buy?  Here is a link to Sustainable clothing brands.  

>Read the New York Times opinion on Biden and the Green New Deal, for information purposes only.

>For all you artists!

           Artists for the Earth is a global campaign to connect with arts organizations and artists everywhere in order to engage the public with the critical issues of the environment.

>I’m a Climate Scientist Who Believes in God. Hear Me Out

          Read the NY Times article by Katharine Hayhoe, Climate Scientist

>Message of Pope Francis for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation

          Read his inspiring words, published September 1, 2019.

>Invite Linda Neil, a Sister of St. Joseph of Carondelet, to present environmental workshops to your group

          These workshops weave science, art, music, poetry and story to engage our hearts, inform our minds and fire our passions for transforming and celebrating our relationship with the Earth,  Details.

>Resources for Teaching Children about the Environment

>Greta Thunberg's Righteous Anger

          Watch the young climate activist’s fiery speech at the United Nations on 9/23/19, Sierra Club Magazine.

>Religious Statements on Climate Change

           Interfaith Power and Light has compiled a number of statements from various faith communities and religions.  Link.

>Cheapest Way to Save the Planet Grows Like a Weed 

          The answer may be hemp!  Read the story.

>Effects of industrialized agriculture on soils

          Read how to allow microbes to flourish and sequester carbon, reduce runoff, increase soil fertility, and suppress weeds and plant diseases naturally, Information SheetWebsite.  

>"Telling Better Climate Change Stories"

          Watch a video from Citizens' Climate Lobby published on Jun 18, 2018:  Reciting the facts is not enough to move people to action. How do we break through the collective silence in creative and effective ways?  Find out on this YouTube video. 

>Why don’t Environmentalists vote?  

          Read the article from Living on Earth, and then get out and vote in the next election!

>Learn about NAFTA 2.0, An Environmental Failure from the Sierra Club

>Read an article from Green Tech Media:

          New York’s Energy Storage Incentive Could Spur Deployment of 1.8GWh.  The Empire State has charted a path that would transform it into a top-tier global storage market by 2025.

>Paul Tonko Climate Town Hall Retrospect

           5/28/19 Podcast of event.  CRICCC is non-partisan, and does not support particular candidates. This event was posted for informational purposes only.

Saint Vincent’s Bulletin Articles

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