Communications, Education, and Advocacy

See our new Prayers Page with prayers that our members wrote or collected.   We created a Book Review Page with many reviews written by our members.  Visit our Articles page for articles written by our members.  Our forum on 7/13/22 on Help for Congregations to Go Green with Reverend Peter Cook is recorded HERE.  We presented a talk on How to Start and EcoTeam in your congregation on 11/16/21.  Additionally, we’ve offered programs on the NYS Heat Smart Program, Community Choice Aggregation, and Refrigeration Management.  We hosted Rabbi Glenn Jacob of Interfaith Power and Light on 5/17/21 to speak on State and Federal government, and on 9/20/21, Mark Dunlea gave a talk on Federal and State Legislation.  Our own Sister Linda Neil presented a Zoom talk on how to connect spiritually to the Eco-art by Marion Honors, CSJ, who also designed our logo.  Ellie Irons of Collard City Growers told us about the community garden in Troy in January 2023.  

Our Advocacy is non-partisan and supports legislative efforts, particularly at the State level, to make our planet sustainable and reduce the burning of fossil fuels.  Members lobby and write letters on behalf of the environment. Read our Letter to the Editor about tire-burning in Coeymans.  Advocacy Opportunities are on our Events page.  Act Now and sign an on-line letter from Faith Leaders and other petitions (Take Action)!

Protest at 3 banks to divest of Fossil Fuels on March 21, 2023 organized by Rivers and Mountains Green Faith Circle and Third Act

Michael Richardson organizer and the letter to the banks

Reverend Daniel Carlson along with many other faith leaders and CRICCC members

Stop Funding Climate Chaos faith demonstration at TD Bank on October 14, 2022 with CRICCC members participating 

Red Rebel Brigade in protest


Rally organized by Rivers and Mountains Green Faith Circle.

Reverend John Paarlberg

Sacred People Sacred Earch March for Climate

On March 11, 2021, about 450 actions for the earth, around the world, participated in the Sacred People Sacred Earth event.  In the Albany area, close to 50 people joined the faith walk to the Capitol to support NY Renews's campaign to advance the Climate and Community Investment Act (CCIA), which was organized by Ken Scott.  CRICCC members Rev. Dustin Wright and Rev. Dan Carlson organized a prayer vigil later that day on the Mohawk River for the Schenectady area people of faith, also in support of the CCIA.   Rev. Peter Cook, Executive Director of NYS Council of Churches spoke at both actions.  

CRICCC members at the NYRenews rally to support the Climate and Community Investment Act on November 13, 2021.

Our friends from the Buddish Action Coalition at the NYRenews CCIA rally on November 13, 2021.

Members at Cop26 rally on November 6, 2021

Reverend Peter Cook of NYS Council of Churches

CRICCC participants in the Divest NY Teachers Rally with NY Youth Climate Leaders on 6/6/21.

Lobbying for the environment at the NYS Capitol

CRICCC members at the Earth Day rally on April 22, 2021  in front of Rep. Paul Tonko's office in Albany.

CRICCC members attend Pass the CCIA rally in Albany on May 18, 2021

CRICCC member, Sister Linda Neil (right) protesting proposed development bordering the Pine Bush at Guilderland Town Hall on August 26, 2020.  Pyramid (Crossgates) wants to build apartment complexes, office spaces, and a Costco Warehouse.  Read about it and take action HERE

The Reverends Peter Cook, Executive Director of the NYS Council of Churches, and Ken Scott, Capital Region Organizer for Green Faith and CRICCC member, spoke at the CCPA Press Conference on 6/17/19 at the State Capitol.  They hand-delivered a letter to the Governor from 185 faith leaders in support of CCPA.  

Youth and climate strike organizers throughout the world partnered with in a Call to Action for the week of  September 20.  Many CRICCC members participated in the march and rally that took place in Albany on 9/20/19.

For more information on our Communications, Education, and Advocacy, Committee or recordings and/or PDFs of our presentations, contact Barb Spink (

Toward Zero Waste

Join our "Resolutions to Reduce Plastic," and read about it HERE.  

Just in Time!  Read tips on How to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle over the Holidays, Flyer or watch this short Youtube video

Follow this Link to find where to recycle almost ANYTHING in the Rensselaer County area!  

Read all the dos and don'ts of recycling in the Capital District written by Steve Davis of the Hudson-Mohawk Group of the Sierra Club entitled Aspirational Recycling.

Public events create a lot of waste:  Here’s our checklist for Eco-Friendly Event Planning from the Creation Care Team of St Thomas the Apostle Church in Delmar, and a planning guide from Zero Waste Capital District.

Biosoil Farm recycles lots of stuff to make Premium Plant & Soil Systems that will increase crop quality and quantity.  

Read a very informative article from the Sierra Club Magazines's 6/26/19 issue, "The US Recycling System is Garbage." 

Union College Hospitality is Now Composting Food!  Read the Article.

CRICCC joins Riverkeeper in cleaning up the Hudson River.

On October 17/18, 2020, volunteers from CRICCC, Riverkeeper and the local community joined in River Sweep, a yearly event organized by Riverkeeper to clean up the Hudson River. Riverkeeper reported that 868 volunteers collected over 27,000 pounds of trash from the River’s shores at 65 Sweep projects from New York City to Watervliet!  Barry Pendergrass and Barbara Leonard of our Toward Zero Waste Committee organized the cleanup at Hudson Shores Park in Watervliet at which 39 volunteers collected over 1100 pounds of trash (which included 5 tires, a camp chair, lots of metal pieces, quite a bit of plastic, a comforter, many pieces of clothing, fishing line, ropes, pottery shards and 5 bags of glass). This project fits nicely with CRICCC's mission to work in solidarity to mitigate the climate emergency and to preserve and restore natural resources and biodiversity for present and future generations.   Read the published TU news story.

Earthday Riversweep:  Members of CRICCC and St. Vincent de Paul's Church 

on May 7, 2023 picked up garbage at the Corning Preserve for our annual Riversweep.  They collected an amazing 700 pounds of garbage with the help of 46 participants!  Thanks to our organizers, Barbara Leonard and Mary Cosgrove and all who helped.  

For more information on our Toward Zero Waste Committee, contact Sheree Cammer (

Renewable Energy

This committee has been working on helping spread information on Community Solar Electricity.  They’ve vetted two companies and made a presentation on Community Solar to one faith community.  They also have been involved in discussion with the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany - resulting in the Diocese opting to begin to use Community Solar.  (Note:  there’s more information on Community Solar below under the Communications and Education Committee).

For more information contact Jack Haagerty  ( 

Earth Regeneration

 CRICCC’s Earth Regeneration Committee is focusing on how we take care of the land to benefit Nature, and how we can support people who use regenerative practices to grow our food.  Regeneration could be loosely defined as restoring what has been degraded. This includes protecting natural areas and allowing ecosystems to come to full health.  Regeneration includes inviting nature into whatever outdoor space you take care of, so the ecosystem can better thrive.  A network of many such places could help form a path where wildlife can live and move to other ecosystems.  Eating food grown regeneratively within 100 miles supports the local economy and preserves land and ecosystems.  Regeneration is about the human community working with Nature so that all life can thrive. Regeneration is joyful work in commUnity outdoors, reviving our spirits.

The 2023 US Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is anticipated to be finalized by September 2023, when the previous 5-year Farm Bill expires. 

From the website for Regenerate America:  “Through the widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture, we can bring prosperity to rural communities for this generation and generations to come, while improving food and water security and strengthening our climate resilience. This is the bipartisan issue of our time.  Regenerate America is convened by the national soil health nonprofit organization, "Kiss the Ground.”  There are resources at Regenerate America, and sign the online petition HERE.

These photos are of the EcoLandscaping Exhibit of Home Earth Alliance at the Capital Region Flower and Garden Expo in March 2023 at Hudson Valley Community College.  Resources for the Home Earth alliance can be found HERE

   Composter Glen Culbertsen,   of Capital District Zero Waste explains the ins and outs of vermiculture and composting.

"Yards Belong to the Earth" display, staffed here by Earth Regeneration Committee members Sheree Cammer and Barbara Sinacore. 

The following are some useful resources:  

Native plants for birds and insects in your garden

Wild Ones is a national non-profit organization with local chapters that promote the many benefits of landscaping using native plants such as wildflowers, shrubs, trees, and grasses.  Another site is Wild Things Rescue Nursery

Free Ebook on Lawncare

     Company that designs edible and restorative habitat: Thrive Lot.

Stormwater Management Booklet

Stormwater Management for your home

Best Practices for home stormwater management 

3:57 minute summary video and full-length video on Stormwater

On Regenerative Agriculture

To find some local regenerative farmers

For more information on our Earth Regeneration Committee, contact Sheree Cammer (