Who we are?

The Center of Research for Energy and Climate Change (CRECC) is a leading research center dedicated to advancing knowledge and understanding of issues related to energy and climate change. Its mission is to conduct cutting-edge research that can inform public policy, help address urgent environmental challenges, and promote sustainable development both locally and globally.

At the CRECC, researchers from diverse disciplines work together to explore a wide range of topics related to energy and climate change, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, carbon capture and storage, sustainable transportation, and climate policy. By combining theoretical and empirical research methods, the center aims to generate insights and solutions that can be put into action by governments, industry leaders, and civil society organizations.

In addition to conducting research, the CRECC also engages in outreach and education activities to promote public awareness and understanding of energy and climate change issues. Through partnerships with government agencies, businesses, and NGOs, the center seeks to foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing among stakeholders, with the goal of building a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

Overall, the CRECC's mission is to leverage the power of research to address some of the most pressing challenges of our time, and to help build a more sustainable and equitable world for future generations.

18 OCT 2019

1st CRECC Seminar

by Paris School of Business

More than ten researchers from different institutions, we have created the CRECC (research center on energy and climate change).

Commodity Markets, Cryptocurrencies and Electricity Consumption under the COVID-19 | October 2021

Pages: 144 Edited By: Khaled Guesmi (CRECC- Paris School of Business, France)

The Making of Virtual Currency

Editors: Goutte, Stéphane, Guesmi, Khaled, Saadi, Samir (Eds.)

Editors: Goutte, S., Guesmi, K., Boroumand, R., Porcher, Th. (Eds.)

Springer : This book presents research related to energy and environmental technologies in the context of market liberalization and global warming. It focuses on the development and efficient use of alternative energy sources, implementation of sustainable energy policies, power generation, and energy finance.


A New Currency for a New Economy | November 2021

Pages: 232

Edited By: Stéphane Goutte (Université Paris-Saclay, CEMOTEV, France & Vietnam National University, Vietnam), Khaled Guesmi (Paris School of Business, France & University of Ottawa, Canada) and Samir Saadi (University of Ottawa, Canada & IPAG Business School, France)

Many thanks to Samir Saadi to help us to acheive this great job !

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