Surgical Mask straps

Surgical mask ear savers

Nearly all medical professionals now have to wear masks for hours straight which can be largely uncomfortable. The ear savers are in use all over the world to keep the elastic from rubbing painfully against your ears.

flexible and durable

The 3D printed ear saver are stronger and more flexible than you would ever expect. If there are issues please do not hesitate to email us!


We have created several different versions as we try to create a working solution for everyone. We have several different versions that we can offer but mainly produce the latest version designed in house by us.

Version I

Found off of the internet this version is the largest version we make. Extremely thin and flexible it serves it's purpose well for many different lengths of elastic. Not compatible with many printers.

Version III

Our first in house design is based off a miniature version we designed for another organization. It is more durable than versions found online as it is slightly thicker but still quite flexible.

Version IV

Version IV is a complete redesign of our previous version. Designed to be more compact it can easily fit in your pocket. The edges are carefully filleted to keep it from catching onto hair and fabric. It has an identical thickness and range to our Version III.

Version V

Version V is our latest and most optimized version. Slightly thinner it takes less material to print and carries a more extensive range of hooks. Each edge is carefully rounded to ensure it does not catch on fabrics and hair.

If you would like to download our CAD file, please send us an email or use the button to be redirected below