Our Mission

we create4pDX

As this pandemic swept the globe, many—if not all—front-line workers have been risking their lives daily to fight COVID-19, working long and tiring shifts tending to people infected with this exponentially growing virus. Unfortunately, due to the lack of protective gear during these dire times, these heroes often have to come in contact with this disease unprotected. They've been treating patients carrying COVID-19 with almost no protection or any means of safety, sometimes even lacking a mask to cover their faces. Seeing this tragedy ignited several fires inside us: grief, frustration, and above all, inspiration. We wanted so desperately to help these people, to contribute in any way we could. So, we founded create4pdx, a campaign under 501(c)(3) Non-Profit FTC team ToborTech dedicated to printing face shields. With this campaign, we hope to build a community within the state of Oregon, where we can work together to print, assemble, and deliver face shields to front-line workers in need. So far, we have printed, assembled, and distributed over 400 face shields and other PPEs to hospital clinics, businesses, branches of government, and other organizations in need during the height of the pandemic. As a result, we’ve built strong connections with several medical care centers and organizations through efforts regarding the campaign. We hope—through the countless hours we've spent manufacturing masks, building connections and support, and creating this organization—that we can all work together as a community to protect our people on the front lines and fight to end this virus.