Print Instructions

Prusa RC3 Face shield

The Prusa RC3 face shield consists of four simple parts. Two of these parts, the headband and chin clip, are able to be 3D printed. This is where you come in.

Printing the parts

Go to to download the stl files. Your printer is most likely different than ours so you will have to convert the stl to G-code yourself before printing.

What Parts do I print?

The face shield consists of two parts, a larger headband and a small chin clip. Some smaller printers may not be able to print the headband. In this case we will instruct you to only print the chin pieces. In other cases, we may only ask you to print the headband.


The settings we require are quite specific. We simply cannot have a low quality headband snap apart during use, which is why we have inputted several different procedures in place to ensure quality. Every single completed piece will be fitted with a custom serial number, which describes the print settings, where it was produced and assembled. This allows us to be 100% sure of quality standards, and for hospital workers using this equipment to be confident in what their shields. More specific details are listed below.


For the headband we require a 30%+ fill using PLA , PTG/PETG, or ABS. For the accuracy we like to have 0.2mm or higher, hoping your printer can be that accurate. Your layer height can be up to 0.4mm. If not, send us a prototype of the highest accuracy you can and we will inspect it. (For printing you must generate support as needed).

Chin piece

For the chin we need to be even more accurate. We like PLA, PTG/PETG, or ABS and need the highest accuracy you can print. Layer height should be 0.2mm or lower. Also, you may wish to reduce your printer's print speed as well to at highest 50mm/s however you do know your printer best. Print these models individually, or side by side, but do not stack them.

What about other parts?

No need to worry about the other parts of the shield. Our assembly lines are the only parts of the chain handling the elastic and plastic shield. However, we do need more elastic and boxes so feel free to send us some with your shipment! Thank you for any help!