Helping hospitals

In the coronavirus pandemic our world is currently facing, thousands of healthcare professionals are left without adequate protection. It is a necessity for those on the front lines to have protection. We are asking for your help and support to keep them safe while they risk their lives to save ours.

What we create

The Prusa RC3 face shield is in use all over the united states. This washable shield consists of four easy parts. The headband easily rests on the forehead without restricting motion or causing discomfort. The elastic effectively holds the shield in place without pushing or pulling on the ears. The chin holds the plastic sturdy and allows for stronger use. Lastly, due to the opening at the top the shield does not fog up like some conventional face shields.

We have delivered over 200 shields so far! It is our mission to provide support and PPEs to the community and beyond.

What can I do?

Luckily, there is a way for us to help! A company called Prusa has released an open-source printable design online, allowing for anybody with a 3D printer to contribute to the campaign and join the fight!

What Else can I do?

That's okay! Not many people have 3D printers, but everyone in this day and age has a voice. Text your friends! Share this link on social media and tell your followers to repost! One of their followers may have a printer. By using your influence to spread the word and support, you can do just as much impact!

What do I do if I have A printer?

If you have a printer that's great! We hope you join the fight! Contact or @create4pdx on social media for more details, and we will answer ASAP! We're excited to hear from you!

Go here for the printing instructions!

What else can I do?

We can guarantee that not everyone has all the materials we might need. If you would like to donate please reach out to our gmail again and we will accept needed materials. Another big way that you could help us is with contacts and support. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and support us there. If you know of a hospital or medical facility that needs face shields shoot us an email as well! Anything you can do to contribute to our campaign will help in the end!