Track & Field FAQ

Results Based Track Program

The top athletes in their respective events will compete in the meets. All athletes should be willing to help and participate where the coaches feel they can most assist the team.


Must attend practice and must communicate when you are unable to make it

Excused Absence: Missing practice with prior coaches consent

Unexcused Absence: Missing Practice without prior consent from the coach

1 Unexcused = probation

2 Unexcused = meet suspension

3 Unexcused = double meet suspension

4 Unexcused = possible dismissal from team

Physicals/ Emergency Cards

Must be completed before you may participate in practice or meets.

District Athletic Handbook

Available online, parents and athletes must sign and return form


All Athletes will travel to and from meets on the bus, with the team.

Must commit to attending: District, Area, Regional, and State meets when qualify.

All athletes will be expected to load the equipment on the bus before and after the meet.


AM Practice:

  • Distance/ Sprinters/ Hurdlers/ Track 2
    • 7:00-7:25 am- Sprinters/ Hurdlers/ Track 2: Weight Room Warm-Up
    • 7:00-7:25 am - Girl's/ Distance : Warm-Up
    • 7:30-8:20 am- Workout begins

PM Practice

  • Throwers/ Jumpers/ Vaulters (Relays as needed)
    • 4:05-5:05 pm- Field event workouts