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UNFINISHED BUSINESS = The Following Survey Responses were reviewed and commented on but changes have not yet been made:

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COMMENT = There is a LOG that SHOULD be updated per the AISC that is to give a description of EVERY PROJECT we ever did in one list, with minimal project info, but stating what AISC Standard/s applied to that job. CAS and CRC have talked about this in the past but i don't think it is fully ready and up-to-date. So the ACTION ITEM here is to FINISH that LOG. Also, i have another suggestion about visually pointing them out on a google map like an online pin board of every project with that already typed project info that can be copy + pasted into the Map data. The amount of $ and time to be spent is TBD. Also, if there are any specific job #'s the team wants pictures of on here, just let me know = thanks.