About CBM

Cox Brothers Machining is a leader in the steel bridge fabrication industry and in the manufacture of complex steel structures. CBM produces a complete line of bridge structures, from steel beam and girders bridges found on many highway overpasses and interchanges to complex bridges such as arch, bascule (drawbridge), cable-stayed, lift, railroad, suspension and truss designs. Some of our projects have included: Welded Plate Girders, Rolled Beams, Bridge Railings, Bridge Expansion Joint Devices [of many various Joint-Types; Modular, Finger etc] as well as, both glass wall framing and Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel for Buildings [AISC-AESS].

We also offer additional heavy/complex steel structure fabrication.

We have a 300,000 square foot Production Facility. Our plant is located in Jackson, MI [see Location here]. Jackson is in centrally located and only 1.5 hours away form Michigan's Largest cities [Detroit and Grand Rapids]. CBM has been located in Jackson since 1997.

CBM is a Structural Steel Fabricator and holds several certifications from the AISC (American Institute of Steel Construction). Our certifications include CBR = Major Steel Bridges + ABR = Advanced Bridge + BU = Building Fabricator, CPT = Component Manufacturer [Bridge Components] + SPE-P1 = Sophisticated Paint Endorsement - Enclosed.

Outfitted with comprehensive computer numerical control (“CNC”) and cutting-edge paint equipment, CBM provides fabricated structural steel for simple and complex bridge projects throughout the Central and Eastern United States on an annual basis.

As the need for U.S. infrastructure improvement continues to grow, the opportunities for CBM will too. With commitment to our customers, we look forward to new challenges while honoring the memories and accomplishments of the past.


AISC = CBM is Certified to the following AISC Standards [as of 2016]

  • Certified Bridge Fabrication - Advanced (Major)
  • Sophisticated Paint Endorsement
  • Standard for Bridge and Highway Metal Components
  • Standard for Steel Building Structures

CBM has on-staff Quality Control Inspectors certified to the following Standards [as of 2016]

  • AWS CWI Program [AWS QC1-2016]
    • 9 Year CWI on Staff
  • NACE CIP Level 1 with Bridge Endorsement

Approved Fabricator Status [by State]

  • MDOT
    • We can Fabricate any + all Bridge Types in Michigan
  • ODOT
    • UF = Unique?