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Event Background

This event began as a result of the COVID-19, much like many recent developments. California's quarantine began early in the year, cutting off the end of many traditional-calendar school's third term and the entirety of the fourth term. Many year-long schools or modified-traditional also had the last few months of schooling cut off. Most schools resorted to online learning, but many would agree that this was a poor substitute for the personal learning experienced inside a classroom. Our Executive Director, Anaiya Williamson, recognized this issue of a decrease in learning opportunities these past few months and decided to do something about it: she reached out to a handful of close friends and student colleagues with the ambitious idea for this STEM Fair. We have now worked tirelessly to bring this website, along with the event as a whole, up to our standards and prepare the way for many of our fellow students to conduct a science project themselves, making up for some of the learning lost these past few months. We encourage all participants to try their hardest, invite their friends, and learn something new about the world around them and how it works!

Press Release

DATE: 6/9/2020


A group of high school seniors have created a virtual science fair to counter the lack of

academic activities during the pandemic.

COVID-19 has completely changed the way in which we live. This pandemic has ruined so

much for us students: summer plans, social lives, and the much-anticipated high school

experience. With the original intent of hosting a science fair at her school, founder Anaiya

Williamson modified her plans to create an online event, allowing even more students the

opportunity to participate.

She recruited a team of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) students from her

high school, and now they need help spreading the word to youth across Sacramento County.

With your help, they will motivate participants to learn more about STEM by encouraging them

to create a project and communicate their results through a video presentation.

“Despite all the hardships we've had to face, I wanted to create an event that students could

look forward to. I also wanted to inspire students to further cultivate their interest and love for

STEM.” says Williamson. “This event aims to incentivize students into creating something they

are proud of and can refer to when applying for scholarships, college, and prestigious


This event is completely student led. Participants must reside in Sacramento county and be in

grades 6-12 to enter. Submissions start on June 10th and end August 10th. Winners will be

announced August 22nd at an award ceremony.

“This virtual science fair is a great opportunity to encourage innovation during a time where

most students are confined to staying at home,” says Gaby, STEM committee member. “Being a

part of the STEM Fair Committee allows me to share my love for STEM with others and

motivate students to continue to pursue academics even during these uneasy times.”

Show off your STEM skills today! Submit your projects at and follow us on

Instagram and Facebook at @covid19stemfair!

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