High School Winners: Research

1st Place: Could Humans Regrow Lost Limbs?

By Vien Le

2nd Place: Do Oil Spill Cleanups Do More

By Alicia Wofford

3rd Place: Skin Care and Skin Cancer Lesson

By Shay Nair Sharma

High School Winners: Creation

1st Place: IOT Based Smart Wildfire Detection System

By Abhiram Mogali

2nd Place: Carbon Dioxide Tracker

By Rishabh Vijay Ambavaneka

3rd Place: Dream House

By Thomas Nguyen

Middle School Winners: Research

1st Place: Do Children That Play Video Games Preform Better In Surgery

By Alessandra Mauricio

2nd Place: Eggsperiment

By Arnold Spantzel

3rd Place: How much Fat should One Person Eat in a Day

By Nhien Le

Middle School Winners: Creation

1st Place: USB Fan with Evaporative Cooling

By Ben Broxton

2nd Place: Magic Garden Customized and Water Management

By Heidi Spantzel

3rd Place: How Can We Prevent COVID-19 at Our School?

By Aaron Young

Honorable Mentions

Does the Multiverse Exist?

By Adan Ortiz

Does Yawning Help Achieve the Thermal Homeostasis

By Hideaki Park

BioGas: A Petroleum Alternative

By Nathan Smith

High School Research

Early Detection of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy

By Vishruth Nagam

Ouch! A Vaccine for COVID-19

By Kylie Huang

What is the Future of Genetic Engineering?

By Kathina Lee

Spin Ice

By Jared Eddington

Gatorade vs. Orange Juice vs. Milk

By Connie Weng

Light Time

By Brandon Martel

Those Are My Jeans!

By Ayesha Mahfuz


By Sofia Durham

High School Creation

Getting Rid of Pesky Mosquitoes

By Isabel Asker