"This wasn't the first time seeking counselling but was the first time I have felt its been the right one. I approached with it being my last resort. I have struggled for many years with my spiritual, physical and mental being. I was instantly comforted and felt light at the end of the tunnel when in the energy of rosaline.

I knew what Id like to achieve; to be happy, to be content, to be me, to love and I am so very appreciative with the work rosaline and I are doing. Its ongoing but I love how she works and just knows, she knows! Rosaline is an amazing teacher and i am so humble to have found her. I can not stop telling friends and family how well rosaline is as a councillor, a person, a loving human being!" A-GW


"I found you after searching on BACP and felt lucky that you were able to see me so promptly. I was really struggling with coping with the day to day things that other people can often take for granted. I have already recommended you to a friend I have who has also recently needed time off work due to the pressures of work on top of everything else . I feel at the moment I am a work in progress but I am certainly in a better place than I was when we first met. You have helped me to step back from the drama in my head at times - you have done this by showing me theories and also a lot of the time by showing me humour and helping to put everything in its right place. I look forward to my time with you as I know I will feel better afterwards and I will laugh at least once in our session." A-JB

Inverness, UK, WA


"Relaxed, comfortable, good pace of learning, therefore enjoyable training experience and positive"

"Very informative and interesting; very beneficial training".

"Thank you very much; so much to take away today. Learned lots and can now think about my Ego State and that of others. I also found the Drama triangle very interesting and helpful".

"Was something I had never heard of before today. I found it very interesting and will use what I learned in the future. I also enjoyed learning a bit more about myself."

"I had some knowledge of TA but this training really brought it to life for me".

"Excellent Facilitator, very passionate and kept us all engaged"!

"Very interesting; has given me a lot to think about and will do more research into TA. Helped to frame my relationships in particular relationships within the work setting."

"Thank you for making me think more about how I act and interact with others".

"Thank you very much for the opportunity to learn about TA. I will definitely use the information in my workplace. I now understand why I haven't been able to support clients in a way to assist sustainable and real change. I understand what my contribution has been to the drama."

Bamenda Arch Diocese, Cameroon


"Your presentation was so inspiring. I learnt a lot not only for my students but also it will help me to take care of my little boy at home."

"Your presentation was very enriching. It enables me to understand others, respect their freedom and accept them for who they are."

"Excellent presentation. Very Enriching."



"My counselling sessions with Rosaline have changed my life!

With Rosaline's help I have re-considered my thought patterns, boosted my self confidence and devised a new strategy to approach life.

This was all achieved in a safe, kind, non-judgemental environment which allowed me to explore past thought patterns and move forward in a positive way.

Rosaline exudes professionalism, as a Counsellor, and has a lovely practice in Inverness which is welcoming and comforting.

Rosaline's warm and kind nature encourages you naturally to open up and her balanced and gentle approach encourages therapeutic and transformational sessions.

I wholeheartedly recommend her as a counsellor."



"As soon as I came here, I just felt comfortable and it just continued. And you are the only person that I ever spoke to out of all my kind of therapy sessions, that I've felt it’s about healing, it’s about really trying to understand why I’m feeling the way I’m feeling that perhaps you noticed something that they hadn't noticed before …. it was working on my actual self. It’s been great!

For the first time in my life I am thinking differently, I feel more whole, I feel a person, I just feel a lot happier, I feel my thoughts are more streamlined, I feel I’m probably all round just happier in myself … The next part is about me practicing everything that I’ve learned; continuing with everything that I’ve learned here! Moving forward I probably will just be who I am."



"I finally got (understood) that regardless of whether you agree or disagree with someone, they are ok and I AM OK!....."



"I think the important thing is there is more of myself now; before I was lost because I’ve been just confused for so long about what I was trying to do; I wasn’t really thinking of myself for a long time"