About Me

My name is Rosaline Nain Chia. Growing up in Cameroon, I always felt the need to help others find happiness. I found that when I listened to people’s worries and fears without judging them, they appeared to be happier. My friends and family in particular always turned to me when they were upset and/or experienced conflict in their thoughts and behaviour, and would express feeling more confident and happier after talking to me. I knew they trusted me with their thoughts and feelings and it felt good to be able to contribute “something” towards their wellbeing.

On the other hand, I also realised that I had no one to express my own thoughts and feelings to and I often wondered whether they even realised that I had my own personal issues that I would also like to share with them or with someone who would simply just listen. I felt I needed to “Be Strong” for them and yet knew deep within that I would love to have someone to speak to during my most vulnerable times. I held back from sharing these feelings and thoughts for fear that it will crush the perception of me as a strong person; the perception I thought they already had of me. How would I cope if that was to change?

So, I continued to modify myself - my thinking and behaviour - in order to satisfy those I felt were in need of my support while silently dying to scream out that I myself was not ok with myself. I was trying so hard to be the "me" I thought "they" wanted me to be! The cry for help often came in outbursts of anger and frustration, but no one really took any notice for as long as I quickly adapted to that self that I thought everyone liked! It is only when I started my course in Transactional Analysis that I began to understand why I was who I was and how I could become even better at supporting others find themselves and at the same time freely be myself. As Morris Kline puts it, "the most fertile source of insight is hindsight".

Transactional Analysis gives me the common platform through which I can perceive human experiences, mine included. It has helped me understand why I perceive life the way I do; why I interpret and experience certain situations differently from others around me. It has also provided me with the tools to understand and empathise with others and consequently support them more effectively. As a counsellor, it gives me the tools to empower others to be fully themselves.

My qualifications include a Master's degree in Business Management with Entrepreneurship from Edinburgh Napier University Business School and a BSc in Social Science from Teesside University. I grew up in Cameroon, lived and worked as an Entry Clearance Assistant at the British High Commission in Accra, Ghana. My varied qualifications, work and life experiences offer me a better understanding of others and their point of view. Of course, at the end of the day, the only person that can fully understand their experience is the one having the experience.

Apart from my counselling/therapeutic work, I also work as a Relief Community Support Worker. In my capacity as a Community Support Worker, my focus is always the individual service user; I meet them at the level where they are, support them to build on their individual capabilities and basically encourage their individuality and sense of self. I find that my counselling/therapeutic training comes in very handy in making my job as support worker lighter and more fulfilling. It gives me the tools to understand and relate in a unique way to each service user. Yes, TA is all about relating to others in ways that does not exclude your understanding of who you are in relation to the other person and vice versa.

As a counsellor/therapist, I have provided counselling services to clients on behalf of counselling organisations in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. I continue to provide counselling to private clients through my private practice that I personally manage.

I am a qualified counsellor with a COSCA Diploma in Transactional Analysis and I continue to be trained through CPDs (Continuous Personal Development). My most recent CPD includes attendance and participation in the following workshops "Treating Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice", "Organisational & Institutional Dynamics", "Leadership and Power", "Cultural & Context Considerations", to name but a few. I am a fully insured counsellor and I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) data protection register.

I abide by the ethics and professional guidelines of the UK Association of Transactional Analysis (UKATA) and the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am a member of the Institute for Developmental TA (IDTA), and the BACP.