Corp Punishment Podcast


Episode 1 - What are we doing?

Length: 1:02:00

The boys try to justify the life choices that led to being 40+ years old and meeting up in a barren apartment to record a podcast. Recounting stories of their past, listen as Derek maintains his serial killer title as countless conversations die at his hands.

Episode 2: Seven Years Under the Bus - The Benjamin Buttman Story

Length: 1:09:00

The boys do a deep dive on the various things that Derek likes, dislikes, and where he comes from. Come get to know our resident Aerophile...or is he an Aviaphile? Tune in to find out!

Episode 3: Weekend at Benny's

Length: 0:52:00

Join the boy's as they follow Ben down memory lane and learn more about the theory of pressure and heat turning coal into diamonds. Things are getting personal, and not for the last time, but stick to the end for a giggle!

Episode 4: The Struggle is Real

Length: 1:02:00

Last in the hot seat, at the end of a long day the guys learn about social norms in Philadelphia in the late 70's. Despite all Dave's efforts to avoid therapy, Ben and Derek insist on exorcising some demons.

Episode 5: Fast Times and Fuck Ups

Length: 00:39:00

After everyone has a turn in the barrel, we get back to the funny...or so we think. Have you heard of Lilith Faire? Do you think Lisa Loeb is an attractive gentleman? How old is 'old enough' to responsibly use matches?

Episode 6: Into the Trevor-verse

Length: 01:17:05

Alright, let’s do this one last time. The agents name? Trevor. He was cursed with ego and not much between the ears, and you can pretty much guess the rest.

He worked in a call center, made some friends, lost some friends. Lost some more friends....

Look, he's the first entry to the Coworker Chronicles, and we think he'll leave a lasting impression on you like he did on us. So join us as we go...Into the Trevor-verse!

Episode 7: On Coworkers and Courtesy

Length: 01:59:05

The boys go for a long form outting with this one, discussing a variety of topics from that time Katy Perry killed a nun to the kind of scum who would dare steal food from their coworkers. Theres a brief detour into the offensive when our first sponsored content is introduced mid-show, but things wrap up nicely at the 2 hour mark. For those of you who stay with us to the end, I salute you!



Episode 9: The Rise of Buttmann

Length: 00:59:02

In advance of the Labor Day holiday, the boys reconvene to discuss the OTHER side of employment - the terminations. Along the way we witness the Rise of Darth Buttmann...and learn about the singular personality known only as 'Johnny'.

Episode 10: Never Forget...Johnny?

Length: 01:02:00

Do you remember where you were in September 2001? The boys take a walk down memory lane on this 9/11, share a story about the Mad Canadian, and wrap it up with the most amazing Johnny story we've heard to date!

Episode 11: Stranger Things

Length: 00:52:45

After the Labor Day holiday, the boys share some of their experiences during the break. The Art of Manliness meets the 40 year old rectal exam, we learn about Arizona Canal Trout, and the awfulness that is the 'Impossible Burger'. It's impossible that anyone on this show would ever eat one...right?! RIGHT??? Tune in to find out!

Episode 12: Failures of Feedback

Length: 01:12:00

The boys talk about the hassles and perks of corporate life, including the ominous performance review, hazards of business travel, and what to do when subject to a cavity search (?!). Derek shows once again that he can't English so good, and a new segment is born. D.Y.K, with Derek!

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Episode 13: Pimps Don't Cry

Length: 01:00:07

As the season winds down, the boys open with a very special musical selection from Napoleon Swift, which leads to a discussion of the merits of Jugalo's in the workforce. Terrible people do terrible things, and sometimes karma is a killer, but have you ever worked with Family? Ride along on this one for a fun look at various conflicts in the workplace!