Corp Punishment Podcast


Episode One - Comin' In Hot

Length: 1:44:00

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! The boys are back, and in this episode they're comin' in hot. We've only been gone for a month, but what a month it's already been. 2020 is turning out as wild as we expected, and we are so glad to be back!

Episode Two - Get Woke, Make Jokes

Length: 01:02:00

In this weeks episode, the boys break down one of the many current woke topics - and explore some of their own biases. We learn that Ben has a thing for light hem...and bring it back to the Corporate theme with discussion of year end reviews. Dave's still recovering from his visit to White Castle, folks - but on the up side, the good folks at White Castle Social Media gave us a like!

Episode Three: Big Trouble in Little China

Length: 00:59:37

This was supposed to be a live episode, but SOMEONE went to Disney and may have come back with the Voldemort virus....aka the one that can not be named without sparking unrest. Instead we bring you a riviting hour where Derek learns about the Trump Pee Pee tapes, we explore more failures in customer service, and we invite our audience to share THIER stories about CenturyLink. Check out Frog Leap Studios cover of Bring the Noise and send some love their way - click the link to the left!

Episode Four: Caucus Talk w. Derek

Length: 01:05:00

The political season is upon us, and for those of us stuck indoors because of the 'Rona, there's a lot of reasons to follow this years activities. Did Liz Warren get robbed of her chance to be President? Is Bernie REALLY angry at everything? Is allowing Biden to continue to run elder abuse? Find out all this and more when Corporate Punishment presents...Caucus Talk

Episode Five: Everybody Was Kung Flu Fighting


What a difference a week makes. When last the boys left you, politics were the biggest issue of the day. Bernie and Warren were giving each other hell. And we thought we had a plan for this season. Turns out we didn't have enough planned - who knew toilet paper would become so hard to find! Lets hope there are no White Castle trips in the near future. How are the boys fairing during the lockdown? Tune in to find out!

Episode Six: Cabin Fever

Length: 00:54:36

In this weeks episode, the boys are getting a little stir crazy. Weeks of quarantine and they're running out of things to do! We kick this weeks episode off with a hot new tune from Wheeler Walker, Jr., Let us know how you're keeping your sanity during these strange days!

Episode Seven: Better Off Dead

Length: 01:35:00

Well friends, COVID 19 is making generating new content harder for the boys; social distancing means in person recording is out, and at least 2/3rds of the show are technologically challenged. We'll get it together soon, but for now we bring you a throwback to the 80s with a John Cusack classic, Better Off Dead.