Corp Punishment Podcast


Episode One - Tricky Travel Trends

Length: 1:23:00

In the first episode of the new season, the boys reflect on the show that almost didnt happen. Have you ever missed a flight? Spent a night in the airport? Had an annoying passenger make the trip miserable? The boys have! Hear all about it an more on this episode of Corporate Punishment!

Episode Two - Back to the Eighties !

Length: 1:05:38

This week the boys indulge in a few member berries, and take it way back to the Eighties! Movies, music, and their own fond experiences...all look better through the filter of time. Join us as we get nostalgic for a simpler time!

Episode Three: What The Hex is Going On?!

Length: 1:03:00

In this (recorded) pre-halloween episode, the boys start out with a plan to talk about their deepest fears, before the show goes completely off the rails. While not what they planned, it's a hell of a lot of fun!

Episode Four: A Night At The Movies

Length: 1:14:00

This rapid fire episode exposes more about the boys than even they thought they knew. Favorite Trilogy? Guilty Pleasure movie? All this and more will be revealed!

Episode Five: Brown Clouds Over Anatomy Park

Length: 1:31:00

Brown clouds abound in this long form episode of CPP. The boys reaffirm that they're assholes, explore the down sides of visiting India, and validate that Derek really doesn't know anatomy! We were going to edit out some of the slower stuff, but if we did that you would miss the hidden gems! The second half is off the rails, but a good way!

Episode Six: A Very Special Thanksgiving

Length: 1:32:00

In this Bonus episode of the Corporate Punishment Podcast, the boys sit down with a holiday classic. Just in time for Thanksgiving, join us as we sit through a John Hughes classic.

Episode Seven:Of Segues and Cybertrucks

Length: 1:25:53

Coming off the heels of a fun thanksgiving episode, the boys talk about what they've been up to and how they spent their time off of work. We're reminded that segues are hard, and discuss at length the merits of the new Cybertruck! We close out with a fun teaser for whats coming...listen to the end for that!

Episode 8: Surviving the Office Christmas Party

Length: 01:16:25

They may be a thing of the past, but the boys recall a different time when an office Christmas party meant open bars and careers coming to an end. Get holly jolly with the CPP crew, and remember that the holidays are a time for cheer and good will...and always keep a flag at the ready.

Episode 9: A John McClain Christmas Story Pt. 1

Length: 1:02:22

The first part of a two part episode, the boys sit down with a Christmas classic - Die Hard! Before we get into the movie, we learn a bit about what it's like to live life with a teenager in the house. Due to the long run time of Die Hard, we're breaking this into two parts - part two drops on Wednesday!

Yippiekaiaye, CPP Fam!

Episode 10: A John McClain Christmas Story Pt. 2

Length: 01:34:57

Part two is here! Let's celebrate the holiday season the way we should...(SPOILER ALERT)...Throwing Hans off the top of Nakatomi Plaza! We're so glad you joined us for this one. Merry ChristmaQwanzuUkkah, friends!

Episode 11: From Resolutions to Revelations

Length: 58:56

Welcome Back, and Happy New Year Fans! The boys are back at it again, this time for a new year and with a new perspective. Just's the same dad jokes and toilet humor as always. But thats what you keep coming back for, right? RIGHT?!?! Join us as we take a look at the year ahead!

Episode 12: Mortality, Morbidity, and the Celebrity Death Pool

Length: 1:06:38

Continuing on from last weeks shenanigans, the boys sit down and draft their OWN Celebrity Death Pool. Who's alive and kicking in January who might leave us too early this year? Who's career is destined for turmoil? And whats Derek got against Russel Brand?! Find out this and more, and listen for your opportunity to play along with our 2020 Celebrity Death Pool!

Episode 13: Party of Five

Length: 02:01:48

In this last episode of season two, we go twice as long as usual, and welcome two guests to the studio! Meet Waldo and Roman - former coworkers and friends with a backstory and history to unpack. The boys get a little silly while uncovering the secrets of how to please the ladies. Ben predicts that we end on a cliffhanger...stick around for the full episode to find out if he's right!