Nursery Rhymes: Connecting the Dots

by Brianna M. Haley

For my Mythology and Folklore project, I connected different nursery rhymes to create an anthology of brand new stories, the type of stories you could read to children. Each story is a compilation of three or four different nursery rhymes. I've also listed a short introduction to each story below so that you can choose which one you want to read first. I hope you enjoy them!

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Every great kingdom needs a great king. But unfortunately for this kingdom, they have King Idle, him and all of his lazy men with their lazy horses. The chief of them is Sir Languid and his horse Lax. The king's men are always called upon whenever someone in the kingdom has a problem, but what happens when they fail to fix it? What will King Idle do about his group of lazy men? Find out in All the King's Men.... Can't Do Anything

Baley Black Sheep loves her sweets! She also has way too much wool. So what better way to get rid of her excess wool than to trade it for sweets? But is there such a thing as too many sweets? Follow along with Baley on her trading endeavors in Baley Black Sheep Trades Wool for Sweets

Georgey Peorgey is not your typical eight-year-old boy. He has a romantic side. And all he wants is his first kiss. However, most of the little girls would rather tease him than kiss him. What will poor Georgey do now? You'll have to follow along and see for yourself in Georgey's First Kiss

Penny Piggy is the bravest little pig you'd ever meet. But one day, she goes for a walk in the woods and gets lost! However, she is not alone. She luckily runs into a few friends on her journey, who also happen to be lost. Will these friends be able to find their way back home? Find out in I Can't Find My Way Home!

Image Info: Cow jumping over the moon cartoon. Source: Public Domain