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​Eliminate Cost and Liability of Work Place Hazards

Our remote services eliminate expensive travel costs and keep everyone safe from transmitting COVID-19.

We will assist you in reducing liability from rising insurance rates, employee costs, legal fees & regulatory agency/OSHA penalties.

Our services are designed to reduce incidents & liability in hazardous working environments.

Our group of safety certified professionals have over 50 years of experience in machine safety and safety products.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Machine safeguarding, programs, and consulting.

  • LOTO programs and compliance assistance.

  • Power transmission guarding.

  • Remote safety assessment/inspections, consultation, and safeguarding services.

  • Machinery compliance assessments, OSHA and/or ANSI.

  • Specific specialized safeguarding design.

  • Hazard recognition evaluations and training.

  • Barrier guards point of operation guards, and perimeter guards.

  • Presence sensing systems, two hand controls, gate guarding.

  • Light curtain systems and integration.

  • Laser protection and guarding systems.

  • Latch reset and pass through protection systems.

  • Machine safety control systems.

  • Power Transmission protection instruction.

  • Shields, covers, and safety blocks usage training.

  • Motor starters disconnects and anti-restart devices.

  • Safety controls, devices, interlocks, buttons, and switches.

  • Accident root cause investigation and facilitation.

  • Expert witness and related services.

Businesses are required to report all lost-time injuries to the Department of Labor. If your business has a high rate of injuries based on the number of employees, OSHA will send inspectors out. If the inspectors find violations during their visit, they can fine you in excess of $12,000 per incident! Most fines I see are around $7,000. Many companies get $150,000 and more in total fines! I can point out many of these potential violations in industrial facilities so you can assess your total liability. For your equipment and related programs, I will provide a clear path for compliance, so you have the opportunity to avoid fines, repeat violations, resultant legal fees, and all associated costs of an injury.

I also assist in the reduction of fines and provide complete solutions for abatement resulting from citations.

In addition, I have and do provide expert witness services.

If I can be of service, please call.

We look forward to assisting you in maintaining a safe and cost effective work environment.

Thank you!​

Call or email for a no charge consult.

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