Cogs of Coventry

zero waste, unpackaged wholefoods and refills

local - ethical - organic on Coventry Market

Opening Hours: Wednesday 9.30-3.30pm Thursday 9.30-2.00pm Friday 9.30-4.00pm Saturday 9.30-4.30pm

We take the on-going virus situation seriously so we have some things you should be aware of:

  1. We are open and happy for you to visit as and when it is convenient for you - please check our opening hours

  2. There is hand sanitiser available at the stall and we ask that customers use a face cover in the Market

  3. You are welcome to browse - please, if you'd like to smell and touch, you are welcome to do that but we ask you give your hands a quick spray with sanitiser before you do

  4. You can CLICK and COLLECT if you please... see our stock list and send us your requests at

  5. We know some people are still shielding or feeling anxious... if you want a time and space to yourself to shop, please e-mail so that we can make provision for that - visiting COGs should be a social occasion as well as a serious shopping one... we would like you to feel relaxed and stress free

  6. We are happy to deliver to you - to support our business, we ask for orders to be £20 or over for delivery and we need to add a small charge to cover costs (typically £2.50 within the city - we're happy to deliver elsewhere on larger orders and will work out a delivery charge with you)

boxes of the very best quality fresh veg, fruit and salad - with an expanding range of locally grown produce

unpackaged wholefood

rices, grains, pulses, nuts, fruits, seeds and more

laundry and cleaning liquids and tools

eco-friendly, natural personal care products