QUESTION: Isn't wind energy great?

ANSWER: Wind energy may contribute to more sustainable energy future. However, offshore wind is not without environmental impacts. The Marine Conservation Society advocates the use of Floating and Gravity Based turbines - not piling. Wind turbines can cause significant damage to coastal habitats, disturb or displace species and, because of their huge size, create a significant adverse visual impact. Turbines at sea, close to the shore, are totally visible from the coast, unlike those on land which may be obstructed from view by other features.

Ireland does not need to degrade it's unspoilt near-shore coastal environment to avail of offshore wind. The average distance from shore of offshore wind farms under construction in Europe i 2018 was 37Km, according to Wind Europe. This compares with an average distance of 10Km for developments currently proposed in Ireland.

QUESTION: What can I do?

ANSWER: The public are largely unaware of plans for massive offshore wind development close to the coast from Dundalk Bay to north Wexford. Inform yourself and those around you, talk to your local councillors and politicians to ensure they understand any concerns you may have. Government are required to make decisions in the public interest, so your views and your vote matter.

QUESTION: Has Ireland properly assessed the cost and benefit of offshore wind?

ANSWER: No. No independent cost benefit analysis assessing environmental and economic factors has been undertaken.

QUESTION:Who maintains these pages?

ANSWER: Coastal Concern Alliance administrator