About us

Coastal Concern Alliance (CCA) is an independent, voluntary group, set up in 2006 by environmentally conscious individuals concerned about the lack of protection afforded to Ireland’s coastal environment.

Our marine wildlife, habitats and coastal landscapes are currently inadequately protected by undemocratic and out-dated legislation - The Foreshore Act 1933 - introduced almost 90 years ago. Successive governments have promised to reform this legislation in line with international and EU best practice. However, to date, no reform has taken place and our valuable coastal environment remains inadequately protected.

Coastal Concern Alliance is campaigning for:

  • Reform of the Foreshore Act 1933 which governs construction in Irish waters.
  • Introduction of a modern, democratic system of Marine Spatial Planning to manage growing human pressures on the sea and promote conservation and sustainable development in Ireland’s coastal zone.
  • An extended role for local authorities and local communities in the management of their coastal zone through the introduction of Integrated Coastal Zone Management.
  • The introduction of a buffer zone (free horizon out to at least 22Km) to protect coastal environment - wildlife, habitats and landscape. The average distance from shore of offshore wind farms under construction in the EU in 2017 was 43Km. In Ireland the average distance from shore of planned developments is 10Km.

Our group wishes to see the unique value of Ireland's coastal environment recognised and protected.

We have no affiliation to any political party or industry group.

Please contact us if you require any further information.