Woodson Lacrosse EVENTS

Since 2008, the Woodson Lacrosse Camp has been the preeminent SKILL DEVELOPMENT camp option for players in Miami-Dade County. Each year, our 3 objectives are the same:

•Our participants will enjoy themselves at camp and leave the camp excited to continue playing.

•Our participants will improve their skill sets and increase their understanding of the game.

•We will provide our athletes drills and techniques that they can take with them to improve their skill sets at the conclusion of camp.

From the beginning the Woodson camps have been staffed by some of the best local players and coaches. They have also attracted top talent from around the country. Tom Duquette, Steele Stanwick, Pat Young, and others have made the trek to Miami to work with aspiring local players.

The Importance of Skill Development

While club/travel lacrosse and the ever-growing tournament scene detract from time that kids would normally spend working on their skills, all camps and clinics directed by Coach Woodson provide individual players the fundamentals and tools that they can use to improve their game at the most crucial time - when nobody else is around and watching.

Skill development, particularly in the offseason, is what sets players apart from their peers. Athleticism can carry a young player a long way. By the time the player reaches high school, however, athleticism among most athletes of the same age tends to even out. As a lacrosse player, it is the skill sets you have that will determine your success. Building the proper habits and skill sets early prepares players for long term success.

That, along with a commitment to making sure our participants have fun, is at the core of all Woodson Lacrosse camps and clinics. Coach Woodson also spends time addressing the value of relationships, respecting the game, and personal accountability.