The Approach

The Mentoring Approach

Good coaches wear many hats, and not a single one is more important than that of the mentor. Good coaches affect athletes' lives far beyond the lines of the court or field.

If the extent of our influence is the final time a player walks off the field, or the last time a player turns in his uniform, then we have failed both the athlete and the profession. Coaching a player has a shelf life. When properly done however, inspiring, influencing, and mentoring are forever. It is an honor and a obligation to serve our athletes as a mentors for as long as they will have us do so.

Why Sports?

Sports parallel life. The skills and lessons that we learn from sports are invaluable because they will always be applicable when our playing days are finished. Participation in team sports provides us an opportunity to learn how to effectively communicate, and how to rally a group of people for a cause that is not only greater than the individual, but that requires each individual’s contributions for success. As we become acutely aware of the variety of different experiences that our peers bring to the table, we also learn to be both cooperative and empathetic in life. Sports help us to be better students, citizens, employees and employers, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, mothers and fathers.