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Discover the Three Core Beliefs that are creating suffering in your life 

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Meet Kathy White

A woman of many talents and interests, Kathy will guide you, in your life, business or relationships to greater success, more fulfillment and time for you to know you own heart. 

With her laser sharp questions...

boundless enthusiasm...

 open heart... 

and incredible support... 

Kathy is an excellent coach.  

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Which area  of life do you need support ?

Coach The Work  can support  you to move forward, gain clarity and find the connection to yourself. 

        Full Spectrum Coaching can address whatever area of your life that you feel is lacking by going straight to the route of the issue - your mind.  By exploring what limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, your work, your family, your life, your health you can start to undo those issues that hold you back to leave you free, open and available to have the life of your dreams.

    Kathy White is a certified facilitator of The Work,  worked for many years as an art therapist (HPC registered in the UK) and is a highly  experienced workshop leader.  She will guide you to use The Work of Byron Katie - a profoundly simple and yet radically life changing tool and coach you to find your own wisdom and fulfillment.