Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Discover your patterns that are in the way of living the life you want.

Identify what kind of life you are living now. Truly. Without the stressful thoughts about it.

When I coach I listen, I ask provocative questions, I am compassionate and honest with you. I share the method of The Work to give you skills for life, to find the peace and clarity you long for.

I am a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, and an art psychotherapist with more than 20 years experience and practice. I guide you so you can end your suffering, with this simple tool that, if you have an open mind, never fails.

The Work will enable you to release the blocks and restrictions you carry.

If you have challenges with your relationships, work, parenting, finances, grief, loss, panic, anxiety, addictions or any other area of life, I have worked with hundreds of people over the years.

These days, more and more people are turning to professional and life coaches. I invite you to join me for a free session to discuss how I might help you. In the meantime, you may wish to do the following "Life Purpose Flower" exercise to get an idea of where you life is blooming and where it is not. (scroll down the page to the exercise)

Professional/Leadership Coaching

The Work helps you tap into your own creativity, intelligence and wisdom. Beyond the waves of rights and wrongs, beyond the winds of ups and downs, beyond the tides of challenges and obstacles I offer you a tool that will help you stand true and tall to yourself. A captain of your own mind.

If you are a leader, manager, entrepreneur and want to unveil, release and transform the beliefs, concepts and thinking that are holding you back in your work, I can work help you shine the lights of clarity, efficiency and focus on your business or organization to bring you to your next level of work.

Contact me today for a no-obligation discussion of your business needs.

The Life Purpose Wheels for Personal Coaching.

Do this exercise.

Get a big sheet of paper and write either ME or NOW or YOUR NAME in a circle in the centre. (scroll down to the bottom of the page to see an example)

Then around that central point, around that dream, purpose or reality I ask you to draw more wheels on the following topics: Career, Health, Wealth, Creativity, Charity, Spiritual, Relationships, Family. And if any of those categories don't resonate with you at all, then you create your own circles. Instead of Charity you may call it generosity, giving, service or paying it forward. Rather than have a circle called spiritual, you might decide to label it Awareness. Consciousness. Religion, God, Nature or even Transcendence. They are your wheels, it's your life. You name the areas as best fits you.

On your paper, make a list of the categories you are going to draw.

Then go through the list, and as you contemplate each category, draw the circles around the centre circle and decide on the size, will it be large or small? Or somewhere inbetween? Large circles indicate that you feel fulfilled, happy, and successful in that particular area according to what you have placed in the centre.

Some of these circles will show you where your life is blooming. Those are the area you draw (and colour if you wish) as large, healthy, and vibrant. What circles show you where you could grow? What areas do you think are small, dull, unattended to, dormant, neglected or ignored? What circles are you ashamed of drawing because they are so small.

As you draw and contemplate your life purpose wheels, be aware of any negative, self-attacking or shameful or embarrasing thoughts that you have while you do the exercise. Write those thoughts down.

Look at your life purpose wheels as a drawing of a flower. What needs watering, nourishing, light? Become the gardener of your own life - and create time to let your life bloom.

Contact me at to set up a no-obligation discovery call to discuss how coaching can help you step to the next level in your life and work.