IFS and The Work

I'm delighted to do The Work with you

its an honour and a privilege to witness the powerful transformations that are possible with the incredible tools of transformation that exist on our planet today. 

Internal Family Systems (IFS) and The Work of Byron Katie

Personal Coaching

 Discover your internal parts, those voices and feelings that might have been frozen in time,  who are perhaps stuck in ways of behaving and could be afraid to change or want to prevent you moving towards living the life you want because they are scared.  

When I coach I listen to all of your inner voices.  All of those parts, I ask kindly for them to share their beliefs, their world view, their hopes and fears.   

 I  ask provocative questions and I am compassionate and honest with you.  I share the methods of IFS and  of The Work of Byron Katie to  give you skills that you then have for life, to find the peace and clarity you long for.  

I am a certified facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie, an art psychotherapist  with nearly 25 years of experience and practice and  I am also Internal Family Systems informed.   I use all my training in different modalities to guide you so you can access your own inner wisdom to end your suffering.  I use simple yet powerful tools of insight and inquiry that, if you have an open mind, always help to connect you to your innate power of healing and balance.   

IFS will help you to access your Self and your parts, and The Work will enable you  to unburden and release the beliefs, the blocks and restrictions that certain parts of you have been carrying, often for years.   

If you have challenges with your relationships, work, parenting, finances, grief, loss, panic, anxiety, addictions  or any other area of life, these tools can support your change.   I have worked with hundreds of people from all walks of life over the years.  

These days, more and more people are turning to professional and life coaches for assistance.   It can be challenging to find someone when there are so many to choose from.  

Contact me  at kathy@coachthework.com to set up a no-obligation discovery call to discuss how my coaching  can help you find clarity and insight so you can be more at peace with your inner world, and therefore more at peace with the world "out there".