Robotics Summer Camps

Every year, the CMANTIC Lab offers two summer robotics camps for middle and high school students. Students are taught basic hardware techniques for building robots using sensors and controller boards and writing software programs to control the robots to autonomously perform some simple tasks.

The course is divided into two parts. In the first part of the course, students learn how to design a software robot model of an actual robot using a robot simulator. Moreover, students learn to write software programs for doing simple tasks with the robot model they created. The second part of the course focuses on transferring the software programs from the robot simulator to an actual robot so that students can see the robot perform the tasks they have programmed. This part also highlights the challenges faced while implementing software code on robot hardware. On the final day of the workshop, students give a short demonstration of the work they have done in the course.

The registration process is done through the College of Information Science & Technology - Techademy Website.