CMANTIC Robotics Lab

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful journey!

We are forever grateful to the thousands of supporters, benefactors, collaborators, well-wishers and robotics enthusiasts who engaged with, encouraged and visited the lab.

The CMANTIC Robotics Lab was established and directed by Dr. Raj Dasgupta at the University of Nebraska, Omaha from 2004 through 2019.

The lab did research in the areas of mobile robotic systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), multi-robot systems, modular robots and swarm robotics, artificial intelligence-based decision making and machine learning, and game theory. The lab received funding of over $4 million from various federal agencies including NASA, Office of Naval Research, and NavAIR. The lab also received funding from NU for some of its projects.

The major projects in the lab were in the areas of swarming UAVs for Automatic Target Recognition (ATR), multi-robot systems for automated landmine detection, and modular robots for space exploration. Various other projects on robotic colonoscopy; rehabilitation robotics with modular robots; UAVs for autonomous structural inspection and agricultural applications; agent-based crowd simulation, etc. were also performed in the lab. The lab also had an active and successful STEM outreach component through offering workshops and summer camps for middle and high school students, and mentoring high school teams for robotics competitions.